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Ed (short for Edward) is the main protagonist. He is a genetically engineered teen (around age 14) in a blue costume, made from the instructions of an ancient alien articraft found by Ol' Skool. Ed's job is to fight evil. Also if his friends were not there, Ed could have accidentally destroyed the world. Ed seems to develope a small crush on Deetz, but still, he is not ready to admit it yet.

Ed's vehicle he rides around on is a hoverboard co-piloted by Torch, a small floating fireball hologram with a face. Other than that, he wears a blue-and-black helmet with armpads and kneepads. He wear a bright blue costume around most of the time. When he is not saving the world, he appears to wear a normal, casual t-shirt and reveals his spiky black hair.

Ed can be a little dense and gullible sometimes, so his friends tries their best to help. Ed sometimes let things go quite easily, and kind of snatches away the credits of his friends' work, especially Deetz's.

Ed gets a bit wordy sometimes. Once, Deetz was getting chased by a robot. Ed suddenly appears and then uses his electric stick to back Deetz up. But back in the dojo, Deetz seems to blame the whole thing on Ed, even though Ed saved her. She said Ed was hanging upside down the bridge in the sequence, and that made her look goofy working with a clown like Ed. Since that, even Fizz stopped acting so nice to Ed.

Ed works for Ol' Skool in his Dojo along with his other friends: Burn, Deetz, Fizz and Loogie. Each develops a different personality. Ed might seem a little cold sometimes, but really, he is a helpful type of person and is always willing to help out.

Apparently,Ed has the ability to see in the future. This happens at any moment like visions,sometimes they are influenced by Ed´s items. This ability is confirmed in the third episode of the series whe Ed said to Ol´Skool that he can see three moments ahead.

A running gag in the series is Ed´s lack of knowledge in common things, some examples are that he doesn´t know the meaning of sports or party. Sometimes he just takes too literaly the words or phrases, as he did in the first episode when he believed that the balls were basquets in basquetball. Ed´s friends adjust to this explaining to him the meaning of the things, although at first, they were a little annoyed.

Ed has a pet AI named Torch, which he got in the fourth episode of the series.

Ed appears in all episodes of Get Ed because he is the main character.

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